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About Us


Who "We" are

Pampered Beasts is run by myself, Laura. Originally from a small town in the Welsh Valleys. From a young age I was passionate and fascinated with animals, (you can read my personal story here). I always dreamed of opening my own pet boutique, this year (unfortunately) meant I had plenty of time to do so!



 Why the name "Pampered Beasts"

Kinda' because the thought of a "beast" wearing a bow tie makes me chuckle, and also because it makes me think of one of my favorite Disney Movies, but the main reason is because I have a vision. To me, my pets are family. It doesn't matter if you're a fish, a rat, a Great Dane or a spider, each has a name and an equal place in my heart. BUT.. they are animals, and they have particular needs. We have to remember that no matter how adorable they look in their bow ties and little booties, animals DO think differently to us, they have different diets, some require specialized habitats, specialized care, they need certain stimuli to keep occupied while we're out of the house. 

We're at the start of our journey, but we hope to extend our range beyond accessories and one day provide a host of things to not only keep your pets looking great, but to be their absolute best self, and beyond anything else, happy.


Our Range

We stock only the best that we can find, and use trusted brands and designers with excellent reviews. We try to choose styles that have a luxury appearance, without compromising the durability. We also tend to try and source the bulk of our products from family owned businesses where possible.




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