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Size and Measuring Guide

Use this diagram to help you measure your dog or cat using a soft tape measure ,  If you're still unsure please email info@pamperedbeasts.com or message us on social media and we will do our best to advise. 

Beds; Things to consider

When looking for a new bed it's often easy to be focused on the size or the pretty pattern. Of course in some cases, the bigger the better! However not always. Here are some of the things to consider, so that you make the right choice for your dog AND you.


The best way to pick the correct size bed, is to measure the old one, and go from there. However, if this is the first time you are getting your dog a bed, perhaps they've never used one, you have a new rescue, or it's a new puppy; measure their length when stretched out and relaxed to find an approximate size. If you are stuck between two sizes, go for the bigger one!


How does your beast like to sleep? Curled up?, stretched out? Do you like to be in the open or do they prefer to be enclosed or covered?

Standard Belly sleep

The standard beastly lay down, what most of us first imaging when our dog falls asleep; on the sofa, on the floor. A firm mattress or duvet bed could be the answer!

Curled up - The donut

Don't you wish you could curl up and look as comfy as our beasts do, while they sleep like a donut? Perhaps take a look at our nested, cave or donut style bed for those curly beasts.

Sprawled out

On their back, stretched out into a good long boy,  talented contortionists, these twisted beasts. Anything could happen. Sometimes we look at them and wonder how they got that way. Personally, in these cases I'd personally either go for a duvet/mattress bed, or go for any bed style but as big as possible so they have plenty of room to sprawl!


Senior Beast?

For those old beasts who are perhaps now struggling to move as well as they used to, or are prone to accidents. Consider looking at any beds that have a waterproof lining to protect the insides from incontinence so you can throw it in the wash when you need to. Also consider their comfort. It's tempting to want the plushest most cozy looking bed, however bare in mind how well they can lift themselves; do they have problems with their back legs? Could they climb out of a donut? In these cases it's often best to seek a vets opinion. Take a look at any of our firm mattress beds, as well as our memory foam beds.

Destructive beast? Chewer?

No bed is indestructible from a determined beast, not even hard plastic! And this is coming from someone who adopted a year old husky border collie cross who seemed to hate comfort and luxury. It's like, excuse me beast, I'm tryna' give you a premium living arrangement?! *Sigh* 

First things first; Safety! Nothing is more important than keeping our little beasts safe. If you have a chewer, sometimes it's best to give no bed at all *gasp*. We know, a life without luxury,; unimaginable...but they will be fine! Safety is more important. However if they're perhaps just a little destructive and perhaps dig and scratch, or get very muddy, have a look at our waterproof and outdoor beds. Perfect for mucky pubs and more resilient towards bobby scissor paws.

Still not sure?

If you're still unsure of any sizes issues, or what styles might be best for your beast, email us at info@pamperedbeasts.com

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